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OPTIC3-PRO Professional Photo Finish Camera

This is the professional OPTIc3-PRO model which includes all options except for transponder connection and motor zoom:

vertical resolution 2,016 pixel
8,000 and 15,000 lines per second
line doubling
WTN radio connection
voice over IP
motion detection
eXtreme LuX
2-D high speed video
evaluation on 2nd PC


  • NEW! standard GBit Ethernet connection
  • NEW! including PoE power supply
  • NEW! easy setup in 2-D mode
  • NEW! super precise 100Hz@XGA 2-D mode
  • NEW! up to 30,000 lines/sec in line scan mode
  • NEW! 2,016 pixel vertical in line scan mode
  • NEW! built in WTN radio connection
  • NEW! VoIP speech connection
  • NEW! automatic 50/60 Hz suppression
  • NEW! WIFI connection possible
  • 1/100,000 sec precision
  • operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
30.000 fps
180 x 120 x 80 mm (without lens)
1.5 kg
Lens Mount
Mounting Thread
PC Connection
Gigabit Ethernet with RJ45 connector
Power Consumption
24 W
Power Supply
10.6 - 13,4 VDC or PoE+


  • The camera is connected to the data input of the PoE power supply. Please connect the camera to the data output of the PoE.
  • A PoE is used instead of a PoE+ power supply.
  • PoE+ power supply is defect.

Alternatively you can supply the camera also with a 12V power supply as the PS12 or PS12A

This depends on the sport and can usually be found in the rulebook. In athletics, for example, the anemometer must be re-calibrated every 5 years (national, Switzerland only) and the photo finish every 4 years (international). In the case of alpine skiing the TD may demand a re-calibration if the A and B systems drift too far apart.



PC software for the new photofinish system OPTIc3

Available languages:

English, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian Bokmål, Swedish, Japanese, Hungarian, French

Available for:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 See changes


The firmware file for the OPTIc3 Camera for manually download. Please use the Firmware updater instead which is part of the OPTIc3.NET program.

Available languages:


9.3.2023 See changes

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