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BSA Backstroke Start Aid

The Backstroke Start Aid is fully compatible with the ALGE-TIMING SO3, SO4, and SO5 and with any other brand of starting blocks.
Each unit consists in a lower part (which must lean against the end wall of the pool) including a footrest designed to support the swimmer’s push at the start and an upper part to hook the assembly to the starting platform.
The upper part also includes a rotating mechanism to set the unit to the swimmer’s own start-ing position and to his size.
A return spring allows a “one hand” easy adjustment, also for the athlete in water.
The upper handlebar allows easily grabbing the unit for a quick removal after the start.
  • universal mounting
  • in accordance with FINA, SSCH, AAU, NCAA and LEN rules
786 x 1600(overall max) x 150 mm
2.8 kg

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