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SSD1 Start gate

FIS homologated Startdoor for Team events

The ALGE-TIMING Startdoor SSD1 is made for universal use. It can be used for parallel applications (alpine skiing and snowboarding), cross competitions (snowboarding and freestyle) and team events (alpine or snowboarding). The Startdoor SSD1 works absolutely reliable at all weather conditions, and is easy to set up. For transport, it can be folded up.
With the battery built into the SSD1-PS control unit, the startdoor can be used independently from mains supply. The doors are opened electrically. It is possible to open all start doors simultaneously or time-delayed.
For the FIS homologated Startdoor SSD1 a wide range of accessories is available.
In this video you can see a normal start.
As you can see in this video a false start is not possible.

1110 x 1450 x (850 - 1250) mm (installed)
36.5 kg
  • 1x SSD1-F

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