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PR1AW-R Photocell

Our photocell PR1a is a masterpiece of precision and performance with smallest possible dimensions.
The transmitter of the photocell sends a modulated infrared beam. The receiver checks the infrared beam and triggers an impulse for each interruption.
All photocells can be universally used with a reflector or as sender and receiver photocell.
The photocell is also available with integrated WTN radio module (2.4 GHz). The impulse transmission can be effected by radio and is compatible with all devices of the WTN series. Up to 15 different radio channels and 5 varying impulse channels are adjustable. The PR1aW can as well be connected by cable to the timing device.
With its rugged and weatherproof casing and extendable cover slide both versions can be used indoor and outdoor in all conditions without compromise.


  • impulse accuracy up to 1/10,000 seconds
  • possible to use as reflector photocell (25 m) or as sender or as receiver part (150 m/500 feet).
  • battery or cable powered
  • possibility to synchronize two senders for main and backup operation
  • possibility to adjust the delay time manually
  • models PR1a: without WTN module
  • models PR1aW: with WTN module
  • both models available in different sets with varying accessories or without any accessories
  • 2x BAA1.5/1
Impulse Device
  • 1x PR1AW-F
  • 1x F-WERKZ. 1


Yes, these devices are compatible. You can connect our photocells or startgates to your TAG HEUER timing device using a banana cable (000-xx). In such a case, the photocells are supplied by the internal battery. Other impulse devices such as a push button (032-xx) can also be connected.

Yes, you can connect your TAG HEUER photocells or startgates to our timing devices using a banana cable (000-xx). In this case, the photocells must be supplied with the internal battery.


Alpine Skiing - Newcomer

English (PNG, 638 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 651 KB)

Alpine Skiing - MT1 + Backup

English (PNG, 473 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 446 KB)

Whitewater Canoeing - MT1

English (PNG, 2 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 2 MB)

Uphill Races - MT1

English (PNG, 2 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 2 MB)

Mountain Biking - MT1

English (PNG, 3 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 3 MB)

Rally - MT1

English (PNG, 2 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 2 MB)

Ski Training - MT1

English (PNG, 260 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 262 KB)

Alpine Skiing - Training with Radio

English (PNG, 88 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 88 KB)

Alpine Skiing - Selftimer SF3

English (PNG, 192 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 192 KB)

Alpine Skiing - Speed

English (GIF, 85 KB) Deutsch (GIF, 87 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 3

English (PNG, 549 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 554 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 2

English (PNG, 398 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 405 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 1

English (PNG, 349 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 361 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 1 + Intermediate Time

English (PNG, 328 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 328 KB)

Alpine Skiing - Parallel

English (PNG, 390 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 394 KB)

SSD1 - Parallel

English (PNG, 276 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 319 KB)

SSD1 - Parallel + Delay

English (PNG, 362 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 335 KB)

SSD1 - Cross

English (PNG, 119 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 132 KB)

SSD1 - Team Cross

English (PNG, 144 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 160 KB)


English (PNG, 492 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 508 KB)

Luge - Natural

English (PNG, 238 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 244 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Individual

English (PNG, 290 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 290 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Pursuit

English (PNG, 436 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 439 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Relay Mass Start

English (PNG, 372 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 371 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Sprint

English (PNG, 254 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 255 KB)

Freestyle Skiing - Aerials

English (PNG, 215 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 216 KB)

Freestyle Skiing - Cross

English (PNG, 312 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 312 KB)

Snowboard - Slalom Parallel

English (PNG, 414 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 420 KB)

Snowboard - Cross

English (PNG, 341 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 340 KB)

Snowboard - Slalom

English (PNG, 273 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 277 KB)

Snowboard - Slalom FIS

English (PNG, 395 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 400 KB)

Speed Skating - Radio

English (PNG, 328 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 329 KB)

Speed Skating - Wired

English (PNG, 342 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 343 KB)

Speed Skating - Pursuit

English (PNG, 345 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 345 KB)

Short Track - Wired

English (PNG, 319 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 324 KB)

Short Track - Radio

English (PNG, 332 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 333 KB)

Whitewater Canoeing - Slalom

English (PNG, 310 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 313 KB)

Whitewater Canoeing - Radio

English (PNG, 125 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 114 KB)

Mountain Biking - Cross Country

English (PNG, 279 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 282 KB)

Mountain Biking - Downhill

English (PNG, 266 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 271 KB)

Mountain Biking - Downhill Radio

English (PNG, 336 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 335 KB)

Road Cycling - Time Trial

English (PNG, 818 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 827 KB)

Road Cycling - Photo Finish

English (PNG, 389 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 389 KB)


English (PNG, 558 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 559 KB)

Dog Agility - TIMY3

English (GIF, 373 KB) Deutsch (GIF, 376 KB)

Horse Racing - Simple

English (PNG, 246 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 248 KB)

Horse Racing - Advanced

English (PNG, 332 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 333 KB)

Show Jumping - TIMY3

English (PNG, 404 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 411 KB)

Show Jumping - Endurance

English (PNG, 228 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 228 KB)

Autocross - Laps

English (PNG, 101 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 103 KB)

Autocross - Speed Measurement

English (PNG, 130 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 132 KB)

Automobil - Slalom

English (PNG, 156 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 156 KB)

Rally - Level 2

English (PNG, 724 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 726 KB)

Rally - Level 3

English (PNG, 995 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 1001 KB)

Rally - Level 4

English (PNG, 1 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 1 MB)

Alpine Skiing - Ski School

English (PNG, 216 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 215 KB)

Alpine Skiing - Training with MT1

English (PNG, 260 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 262 KB)

Snowboard - Cross Team

English (PNG, 381 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 375 KB)

Autocross - Sprint

English (PNG, 421 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 421 KB)

Athletics (Track & Field) - Acceleration

English (PNG, 216 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 218 KB)

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