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WS2 Variants Anemometer

Anemometer for Athletics


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The ALGE-TIMING anemometer WS2 works with calorimetric mass flow sensor. This allows a fast and precise air speed measurement and shows an exceptional dynamic. The optimal design of the sensor and the rapid reaction time for a measurement prevent wind changes between the measurements and permit measurements below 1 m/s. The WS2 does not need any recalibration as no mechanical parts are used. The elements keep their characteristics during the whole operation period. Interfering factors by humidity or temperature are non-existing.

Sports Categories


This depends on the sport and can usually be found in the rulebook. In athletics, for example, the anemometer must be re-calibrated every 5 years (national, Switzerland only) and the photo finish every 4 years (international). In the case of alpine skiing the TD may demand a re-calibration if the A and B systems drift too far apart.

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