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D-CKN Terminal

ALGE-TIMING offers four different models of terminals to control the scoreboards.

The D-CKN is a terminal with a foil keypad for controlling multisport displays as well as soccer displays that show the time with at least four digits (minutes and seconds). The standard terminal included in the price of the scoreboard is connected by cable to the scoreboard. For scoreboards with additional text sections, a keyboard can be connected for writing on the scoreboard.

The D-CKN-WTN-A is the wireless version of this type with built in rechargeable battery.

The D-CKNF-WTN-A is a terminal with only three buttons (black, green, white) to control soccer displays showing the time with two digits. The standard terminal included in the price of the scoreboard is the wireless version with rechargeable battery.

The D-CKNC-WTN-A is a terminal with four buttons for CDT countdown display.


Standard terminals:

  • D-CKN: terminal for multisport, cable connection
  • D-CKN-WTN-A: wireless type of D-CKN with integrated WTN and rechargeable battery

Optional models:

  • D-CKNF-WTN-A: 3-button terminal for football, radio connection, integrated rechargeable battery
  • D-CKNC-WTN-A: terminal for CDT, radio connection, integrated rechargeable battery

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PC Display Multisport

Special software for Videowalls controlled by the CKN. For Waterpolo, Tennis, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, ... . Can also be used for videowall control from the SWC/TMS/SwimTime.

Available languages:

English, German, Finnish, Russian, Hungarian, French

Available for:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 See changes

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