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D-LINE150-O-6-EO Display board

versatile numeric LED display board



The ALGE-TIMING D-LINE series is a very versatile numeric LED display board. The display can be controlled directly from ALGE-TIMING timing devices as well as from other devices via RS232 interface. In addition to run time, it is possible to show time of day or use it as simple stand alone stopwatch or countdown device and many other data. 
Models for indoor and outdoor are available as well as various figure heights and other configurations deviating from the standard 6 digits.
The D-LINE combines affordable price and low weight with visibility both in direct sunlight and dark areas. The display always needs power supply by mains or external 12 V battery.

Standard models available at short notice are the three-digit and six-digit displays with a figure height of 150 and 250 mm.
All other models are produced to order and 
therefore have a longer delivery time of approximately 6 weeks. We will gladly inform you about the current delivery period.

Digit Size
150 mm
956 x 250 x 60 mm
6 kg
Number Of Digits
Number Of Sides
Power Consumption
10.2 W
Power Supply
90-230 V AC / 12 V DC
75 m


Alpine Skiing - Newcomer

English (PNG, 638 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 651 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 3

English (PNG, 549 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 554 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 2

English (PNG, 398 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 405 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 1

English (PNG, 349 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 361 KB)

Alpine Skiing - FIS Level 1 + Intermediate Time

English (PNG, 328 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 328 KB)

SSD1 - Parallel

English (PNG, 276 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 319 KB)


English (PNG, 492 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 508 KB)

Luge - Natural

English (PNG, 238 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 244 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Individual

English (PNG, 290 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 290 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Pursuit

English (PNG, 436 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 439 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Relay Mass Start

English (PNG, 372 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 371 KB)

Cross Country Skiing - FIS Sprint

English (PNG, 254 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 255 KB)

Freestyle Skiing - Mogul

English (PNG, 311 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 318 KB)

Freestyle Skiing - Cross

English (PNG, 312 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 312 KB)

Snowboard - Cross

English (PNG, 341 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 340 KB)

Snowboard - Slalom

English (PNG, 273 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 277 KB)

Snowboard - Slalom FIS

English (PNG, 395 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 400 KB)

Snowboard - Cross Team

English (PNG, 381 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 375 KB)

Whitewater Canoeing - MT1

English (PNG, 2 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 2 MB)

Whitewater Canoeing - Slalom

English (PNG, 310 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 313 KB)

Whitewater Canoeing - Radio

English (PNG, 125 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 114 KB)

Track & Field - Simple

English (PNG, 449 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 449 KB)

Athletics (Track & Field) - Advanced

English (PNG, 944 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 942 KB) polski (PNG, 1001 KB)

Athletics (Track & Field) - Indoor

English (PNG, 508 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 513 KB) polski (PNG, 633 KB)

Dog Agility - TIMY3

English (GIF, 373 KB) Deutsch (GIF, 376 KB)

Show Jumping - Endurance

English (PNG, 228 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 228 KB)

Road Cycling - Time Trial

English (PNG, 818 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 827 KB)

Road Cycling - Photo Finish

English (PNG, 389 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 389 KB)

Autocross - Laps

English (PNG, 101 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 103 KB)

Autocross - Speed Measurement

English (PNG, 130 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 132 KB)

Autocross - Sprint

English (PNG, 421 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 421 KB)

Uphill Races - MT1

English (PNG, 2 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 2 MB)

Rally - MT1

English (PNG, 2 MB) Deutsch (PNG, 2 MB)

Speed Climbing - Training

English (PNG, 381 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 364 KB)

Speed Climbing - Training + False Start

English (PNG, 547 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 538 KB)

Speed Climbing - IFSC 100

English (PNG, 779 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 791 KB)

Speed Climbing - IFSC 200

English (PNG, 722 KB) Deutsch (PNG, 734 KB)

GAZ4 + GAZ5 + D-Line Test

A little tool for testing the ALGE display board GAZ4, GAZ5 and D-Line.

Available languages:


Available for:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 See changes

D-Line Configurator

With this software you can setup your D-Line display board via PC-RS232. You will need a cable no: 145-05 for this. Supports selftimer.

Available languages:

English, German

Available for:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


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