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Photo Finish Camera OPTIc3

Our latest photo finish system OPTIc3 is the new technical leader on the market! In line scan mode, it possesses the highest frame rate available on the market. This turns the OPTIc3 into the perfect device for fast sports like motor sports. A 100 Hz 2-D full screen timing mode is ideally suited for special applications like rowing, swimming and further backup purposes. Easiest setup in 2-D mode! VoIP allows voice communication without headset with the starter. Attention: delivery without lens and without gear head The OPTIc3 standard model is without options. The OPTIc3-Pro has all options except transponder functionality and motor zoom license.


  • NEW! standard GBit Ethernet connection
  • NEW! including PoE power supply
  • NEW! easy setup in 2-D mode
  • NEW! super precise 100Hz@XGA 2-D mode
  • NEW! up to 30,000 lines/sec in line scan mode
  • NEW! 2,016 pixel vertical in line scan mode
  • NEW! built in WTN radio connection
  • NEW! VoIP speech connection
  • NEW! automatic 50/60 Hz suppression
  • NEW! WIFI connection possible
  • 1/100,000 sec precision
  • operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C



PC software for the new photofinish system OPTIc3

Available for:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 See changes


The firmware file for the OPTIc3 Camera for manually download. Please use the Firmware updater instead which is part of the OPTIc3.NET program.

9.3.2023 See changes

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