This program is made for timing Swim Events with Alge Swim 2000 SWC resp. Alge TimeManager for Swim TM-SWIM
This program is a FREEWARE and we can not take any guarantee for it.
You can run the software under Windows XP/XP64/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
It also runs under GNU/Linux and Wine
, but there is no support for that: Tested only with serial port under KUBUNTU
For Database connection you need to install winetricks: wget, start winetricks: "sh winetricks" install MDAC28 and jet40
How to install the TimeManager driver for Linux: (Not tested yet)

If you leave the mouse over an object, you get a small hint.


Installation is quiet easy. Follow installation instructions.
The installation will copy the drivers to the folder "C:\driver\USBRS232" and installs them automatically.
There you can find also a installation instructions how to install the driver for the TimeManager manually.
If you run the programs maybe your firewall shows a warning.
Please do not block this programs with your firewall.
Otherwise it will not be able to communicate with evaluation software resp. display board.


Depending on the TMS firmware are up to 32 (one-sided or 16 lanes double sided) Lanes possible.

If you work with the old (compatible) Controller Firmware V07.A1 there are some limitations:

Two edge timing mode is only possible with:

Known Problems:

If the program Splash runs on the same PC, it can happen that a File open dialog collapses automatically.

How To use:

First you have to choose a database where the data is stored.
If you use a TimeManager, SwimTime will find it automatically when the TimeManager is connected, switched on and the driver is installed.
If you use an SWC, you have to choose the serial port in the menu settings.
The Software should be intuitive to work with.