Track Cycling

ALGE-TIMING can offer the complete technical equipment for carrying out track cycling events may they be large or small. This ranges from simple training systems to complete systems for major events.


All accessories are also available e.g. starting machines, starting display boards with countdown and cabling solutions.


The photofinish system OPTIc2 has already been presented on some previous pages. On the following pages we will give an overview of the devices developed especially for track cycling.


On the following page you find a diagram of a complete track cycling system. Of course, ALGE-TIMING   also equips smaller velodroms. Please contact your local ALGE representative for further information.

Product Solutions

CycleStart is a multi use system especially developed for track cycling. For all events with an electronic countdown (e.g. pursuit) it is used as start countdown. The display board counts down from 50 seconds to zero supported by a countdown horn. The CycleStart can be used as lap counter and backup timing system for all races. The CycleStart includes the complete connection boxes for the timing. This means that at all strategically impor- tant places a distributor box is placed in order to connect timing devices, displays, etc. Since the cable lengths may vary a lot depending on the track, the cables are not included in the system but ALGE can provide them in custom- made lengths. ALGE-TIMING offers a CycleStart for mobile installation as well as for permanent installation.

The Startmachine ST-BSM1 is ideal for starting a pursuit race in track cycling. The start impulse triggers the Startmachine and releases the breaks that fix the rear wheel and the saddle post of the participant. At the same time the start impulse starts the time of the timing device. This schema shows a wireless start.

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