Track & Field

ALGE-TIMING can supply the complete technical equipment for carrying out track and field events, may they be large or small.

Ranging from simple training systems for timing with photocells to the photofinish systems used at large events. All accessories are also available from wind measurement, lap counter, concentration clock, distance measuring devices to diverse display systems.

Below you can find different steps of equipping a track and field stadium.

Product Solutions

start system for track and field with Bang, Bang SPK and SU3

Document Description Download
General Catalog Detailed summary of all ALGE-TIMING products.
IDCam IDCam Leaflet
OPTIc3 OPTIc3 Leaflet
Track & Field Catalog Detailed listing of Track & Field products.
Track & Field start devices Start devices used at Track & Field
Concentration clock Concentration clock for Track & Field
Distance measuring Distance measuring for technical disciplines in track & field
Infield display boards Display boards for infield in track & field
IAAF Certification Certifcation of timing devices by Alge-Timing
Athletics system overview Track & Field product overview
Infield Display Board Infield Display Board Leaflet
Document Description Download
all Timy TrackTimer
OPTIc2.NET Manual
OPTIc2.NET Interface Description
Cameraangle calculator Objective calculator
Gearhead 410-E Manual
StartJudge Manual
Windspeed WS2 Manual
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ALGE-Training V1.0.6173 Changes
Description Available Languages

Evaluation software for Timy Training Light and Training Ref.

Available for ...
WinVista, Win7, Win8.x, Win10
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