Road Cycling

ALGE-TIMING offers the complete technical equipment for carrying out road bicycle races or stage races.

The start is effected e.g. by an electronic start gun. For criterium a lap counter is placed at the finish line.

The display board D-LINE or GAZ5 is fastened to the escort vehicle. It is favourable to use two displays so that one can be seen from ahead and one from behind.

In the finish a photocell stops the time and controls the recording of the photo finish and IDCam.

At the finish cross bar two display boards can be fastened, one for showing the running time and one the time difference.

In case the start is not within sight of the finish but just a few 100 m away, a speech connection between both can be installed. For stage races, where the finish is many kilometres away from the start, the photo finish system should be separately synchronised with a synchronised timing device (Timy3).

Product Solutions

ALGE-TIMING offers the complete technical equipment for time trials. The startclock ASC3 helps regulating the starting procedure. The time is effectively started by a contact stripe at the start. At the finish the timing device TdC8001 is stopped by a photocell. In case the start is nearby the finish, a headset can be installed for communication between starter and timer. We recommend to position a person with a further headset at about 300 m ahead of the finish to announce the incoming racers.

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