Software updates 11/2018

01. December 2018

Firmware update OPTIc3, WTN and Timy3

Firmware Updates
Firmware updates are available for the devices OPTIc3WTNTimy2 and Timy3. You can read further details in the changes file.
Also, a new EPROM is available for TDC 8000+ and TDC 8001. Changes are mainly in equestrian.

PC Software Updates:
As usual you can download the latest software from our download page.
Since our last newsletter the following program updates are available:
Time.NET 2
Time.NET 2 Infomonitor
ALGE Start Clock
ALGE Climbing
Alge Screens
PCD Multisport
Display Studio 2017 This software has no auto-update feature and must be updated manually.
These are the last versions which can be used under Windows XP.
There is also a beta version of OPTIc2.NET and OPTIc3.NET which now use .NET 4.6 Framework. These new versions can only be used for MS Vista and higher.
The latest version now also supports the Timy for training purposes and semi automatic.
A beta version of SwimTime is available with the option to automatically take over the manual times.

As you can see, we always keep our software up to date. We will try to inform you more often in future.

New PC Software Start Judge 2 SJ2 system: StartJudge SJC2
This  is the PC software for our new StartJudge 2 system which is now available.

New PC Software Alge Skitest:
This ALGE Skitest is an evaluation software for special ski tests to compare different products following a strict start list. Supported timing device/program: Timy3 Training Ref
Prerequisites: MS SQL Server
At the moment only available as beta version .

New Lens Calculator for OPTIc3:
To find the right lens for your OPTIc3 system we have a camera angle calculator which is based on MS Excel.

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