Problems with the PC

I need help with my PC

If your PC is connected to the internet we try to help you via TeamViewer. Please start help.alge-timing.com and tell us your ID and password.

I get an error message while checking the latest software version.

On previous software versions this communication was not encrypted. For security reasons we had to disable this on our Webserver. Updated versions are now available. Please download the latest program version under: Downloads->PC-Software. Windows Vista is not supported by this functionality anymore.

The connection to my IDCam get lost every 5 seconds.

Maybe you have an AVIRA Virus scanner. Switch it off or use an other Virus scanner.

I have a new Laptop without an RS232 Interface. What can I do?

You have to buy an Interface Converter like an USB-RS232 or PCMCIA-RS232 or ExpressCard-RS232 Converter. Normally PCMCIA (or ExpressCard) to RS232 Adapters are more expensive but more reliable.

What is the number of my serial port?

Right mouse click to "My Computer". click "Properties". click "Hardware". click "Device Manager" click "Ports (Com&LPT)".There you should find your Adapter and your port number. If you see a "!" before the device, the driver installation failed.In this case read the manual of the Adapter vendor.

Repairs of devices

My device is defective. What should I do?

First of all, please check this list whether we repair your device. If your device is not on the list, please fill in the repair form. Carefully pack the device and add the repair form to the parcel. Now, you can send it to

Rotkreuzstrasse 39
6890 Lustenau

Please note the following:

  • We do not accept freight collect packages.
  • We are not liable for lost or damaged packages. If you require a transport insurance you have to effect it yourself.

Do I need an RMA number?

No, you do not need an RMA number.

My defective device is still under warranty. How do I proceed?

Please complete the repair form. Pack your device carefully and add the repair form to the parcel. Send the parcel to:

Rotkreuzstr. 39
6890 Lustenau

Please note:

  • We do not accept freight collect parcels.
  • We are not liable for lost or damaged packages. Should you require a transport insurance, you have to effect it yourself.

Where do I find the repair form?

You can find the form at the homepage at the left bottom corner or click here.

Question about the Timy series

I got the message: "WTN: Old Version detected" what does this mean?

You have different software versions of the WTN Firmware on the Timy3W and on the other partner devices in the same team. Please check first if you have the most current Timy Firmware. Then please update the other WTN devices with "RF Update" which you find under menu->WTN->Settings->RF Update. See also the manual for this issue.

I got the message: "Check 0,1s correction" what does this mean?

This message means you got an WTN impulse on a channel which is not set to -0,1s correction. This is wrong. Please correct this setting in the channels menu. See the manual under "0.1s-CORRECTION" how to do this.

I got the message: "Pulse Hold 1 (L)" what does this mean?

This means you use the WTN System for channel 1. You get this as a warning that the C1 is permanently triggered. Maybe the photocel is misaligned. See the manual how to setup this warning

I have a delayed output on the USB interface. What is wrong here?

Maybe you have enabled the hardware handshake on the RS232, but no RS232 cable connected. Please disable this setting. Go to menu->interface->RS-232->handshake: Choose "NO RTS-CTS". This unwanted "automatic-enable" of Hardware Handshake should be solved with V18.22.

Sometimes I loose an Impulse from an WTN device. What is wrong?

With a radio system it can always happen, that you loose impulses. Maybe you are too far from the photocell or you do not have a line of sight to from the Timy to the photocell. The more WTN devices you have the more reliable it is. - Because you get a redundancy.

  1. Try to get as close as possible from the Timy to the PR1aW
  2. Check RSSI Value in the WTN->STATE menu. This should be >-58dB
  3. You could try to set the radio power to 100mW if it is allowed in your country.
  4. Add more WTN devices if possible.

Questions about the OPTIc3

I have connected my Camera with the PoE power supply, but the camera does not start. What can I do?

  • The camera is connected to the data input of the PoE power supply. Please connect the camera to the data output of the PoE.
  • A PoE is used instead of a PoE+ power supply.
  • PoE+ power supply is defect.

Alternatively you can supply the camera also with a 12V power supply as the PS12 or PS12A

The connection to my camera is blocked or aborts after some time. What can I do?

  • Please check your security software (firewall, virus scanner,..) if this blocks the connection. You can do this by disabling the software temporary. Contact the vendor of the security software how to create an exception for OPTIc3._NET
  • Avoid the IP range of 192.168.100.x. This IP range is reserved for WLAN connection.
  • The program "HP Velocity" can lead to disconnections. Please uninstall this program in this case.

Questions about IDCam

My IDCam shows only demo version. How do I get the ALGE version?

Show license problem/status

Please check the menu "Show license problem/status". There you should get the required information. You have to download the license file only once. The most common problems are: No or wrong password of the camera, Timing device of a third party vendor (additional license necessary) or wrong network configuration.

Questions about Bang and e-Start system

My Bang W or Bang CW has sporadic wrong impulses.

Please check your serial number. Models produced earlier than June 2017 are affected by electrostatic charging that cause faulty triggering. Should you device be affected by this, please complete the repair form. You can then send the device together with the form to us.

Questions about the OPTIc2

Which operating system is supported?

You can work with Windows 2000/XP/XP64/2003/Vista/Windows 7 32 and 64 Bit Editions. For Vista and higher you will need at least minimum Camera Flash software V2.7 installed.

I would like to work with a notebook. Can I do that?

Of course. Many new Notebooks have the IEEE 1394-Interface included. But you can work also with an PCMCIA (Card bus) or Express Card for IEEE 1394. The IEEE 1394 Interface must be at least 1394-1995 OHCI 1.0-compatible. You also can use Thunderbolt->FireWire adapters.

Which IEEE1394 interfaces are supported?

OPTIc/OPTIc2 run with the IEEE1394 and IEEE1394b Standards. Note that the IEEE1394b Interfaces run from XP SP2. This interfaces do not work properly with older Operating systems. Using XP SP2 note that KB885222 is installed. 800 Mbit Card make troubles because they are not well supported by Microsoft. We suggest to use standard 400 Mbit Interfaces.