ALGE-TIMING offers a judge system for high diving and synchronised swimming. Each judge has a Timy3 W as input terminal. All of them are connected via a Wireless Timing Network with each other and the evaluation PC. For high diving and synchronised swimming an ALGE-TIMING software is available. The display board is connected to the PC. ALGE-TIMING can supply different display boards (e.g. matrix displays, videowalls).


Product Solutions

Simple wireless judging system with WTN for diving.

Wireless judging system with Timy for diving.

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General Catalog Detailed summary of all ALGE-TIMING products.
Swimming Catalog Swimming Product Overview
Swimming Display Boards Swimming Display Boards Leaflet
Diving and synchro Diving and synchro leaflet
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Technical Documentation Technical Description ALGE Aquatics System
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AlgeDiveSynchro V1.0.6367 Changes
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Judging Software for Diving and Synchro.

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WinVista, Win7, Win8.x, Win10
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