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08. June 2018

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New Program:
This week we released a new version of Display Studio 2017 Software to control the RTNM displays.
ALGE Display Studio 2017
This version of Display studio will replace Display Studion 2016 and is compatible with all firmware numbers higher than 5000. There is a new file format (.ddsx). But you can import .dds2 files from Display Studio 2016.
Various language are supported.

PC Software updates:
Since the last Newsletter there are a lot of new Versions of the following PC programs available:
Time.NET 2
Time.NET 2 Infomonitor
ALGE Start Clock
ALGE Climbing
Alge Screens

Beta versions available :
There are beta versions available for the following programs:
PC Display Multisport
We are currently working on this programs for a release.
You can download this version by the "check for updates" function in the software.

Shortly we will release a new PC Software for Show Jumping (Equestrian):
We will inform you as soon as it is ready for use.

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PC Software news

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